Photography is a powerful way for humanitarian and non-governmental organisations to create awareness and effect change. By capturing compelling stories in an ethical and respectful way, individuals are moved to a place and understanding of people, geographies, and events that would otherwise be impossible. This has a demonstrable increase on fundraising efforts for NGOs, and engagement with existing donors who are able to see how the funds are used.

With the audience moving away from traditional media to online consumption, a variety of image compositions are needed to make them suitable for use across everything from billboards, print and websites, to social platforms with content optimised for an engaging mobile experience. Stories can be edited into video clips with motion graphics, titles, voice-overs and backing tracks, or augmented with additional video footage.

The objective is visual story telling through photography and videography to faithfully represent a subject, project, historical or social event. Then condense everything that’s going on into a tightly edited series of compelling images or video documentary that others can understand.

UN World Food Programme

Mantapala Refugee Settlement

Naomi and her family have recently arrived at the Mantapala in northern Zambia; fleeing conditions in their home country of Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Over 17,000 refugees reside in the Mantapala Refugee Settlement. Around 80 percent are women and children from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and require humanitarian assistance to survive. The World Food Programme provide cash assistance using mobile money which can be withdrawn from kiosks in the settlement.

UN International Labour Organization

Disability Inclusion & Awareness

A 3,700km mission to Zambia’s Northern and Western Provinces to document an initiative to engage tribal chiefs through workshops to encourage inclusiveness of persons with disability in their communities. The requirement was for photojournalism to capture their work in real-time, and a ten-minute documentary film.

UP Zambia

Undikumbukire Project Zambia

Project to document the work of UPZambia who support juveniles in conflict with the law through legal representation, social support and advocacy for a restorative juvenile justice system in Zambia. This included photographing in police cells, court rooms, and their community outreach sessions.

The Carter Center

A Generational Legacy

An assignment to travel with Jason Carter, Chairman, Board of Trustees for the The Carter Center – an NGO created by his grandfather, President Jimmy Carter. This was to photograph their projects that address climate change, women empowerment in democracy, and partner meetings.

Jason Carter and his wife, Kate, took their teen sons, Henry and Thomas, on a memorable journey to Zambia, where the high school students interacted with many peers and witnessed firsthand the lasting impact of the organisation.

UN World Food Programme

Crop diversification, cash-transfer & farmers' market

A series of WFP initiatives throughout Zambia to encourage crop diversification towards those more resilient to climate change, cash-transfer to support refugees and persons with disabilities, and a smartphone farmers’ market app to link up buyers with sellers at a fair price.

Photography & videography in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa

International Labour Organization

Disability Management Information System

The absence of comprehensive data on persons with disabilities proved to be a major challenge towards international development work. Good data about persons with disabilities provides an entry point to so many social protection and social assistance programmes both to persons with disabilities and also very helpful to the government.

The project was to document the pilot of a new Disability Management Information System that allows people to register on a tablet rather than a paper-based system. The deliverables were a series of photographs and three documentary films.

Special Hope Network

I have provided complimentary photography for Special Hope Network since 2019 which are used for fund raising, their website, and demonstrating to donors the care they provide.

Special Hope Network exists to create a world where all kids are valued. They impact communities by improving care for kids with intellectual disabilities. This starts by equipping families and caregivers to provide these children with a loving home, holistic health care, and exceptional education and therapies.