Documentaries play a crucial role in shaping our understanding of the world, offering a unique lens through which we can explore diverse cultures, untold stories, and pressing issues. They wield a profound influence as invaluable tools for humanitarian organisations, NGOs, and charities. These visual narratives possess the unique capability to humanise complex issues, bringing the audience closer to the realities faced by communities in need. In essence, documentary films become a catalyst for positive change, inspiring action and creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond the screen, ultimately amplifying the impact of humanitarian work.

Utilising video content has become an indispensable strategy for corporate and commercial clients in their marketing efforts due to its unparalleled ability to engage, inform, and persuade audiences. It allows businesses to showcase their products, services, and brand identity with creativity, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

I film using Netflix approved cinema cameras up to 8K in a log colourspace with wireless microphones and stabilised gimbals to provide my clients with beautiful footage.

European Union Delegation to Zambia

Natwanpane Project

A series of short documentaries on specific themes were filmed to promote the outcome of the EU funded Natwampane project. It was a €24million initiative to mitigate gender-based violence in the Luapula and Northern Province of Zambia.

UN International Labour Organization

Disability Inclusion & Awareness

A 3,700km mission to Zambia’s Northern and Western Provinces to document an initiative to engage tribal chiefs through workshops to encourage inclusiveness of persons with disability in their communities. The requirement was for photojournalism to capture their work in real-time, and a ten-minute documentary film.

Disability Management Information System

The absence of comprehensive data on persons with disabilities proved to be a major challenge towards international development work. Good data about persons with disabilities provides an entry point to so many social protection and social assistance programmes both to persons with disabilities and also very helpful to the government.

The project was to document the pilot of a new Disability Management Information System that allows people to register on a tablet rather than a paper-based system. The deliverables were a series of photographs and three documentary films.